Krishi Vigyan Kendra Navsari
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Programme Co-ordinator's Speech

The Krishi Vigyan Kendra,Navsari was established by the ICAR at NAU, Navsari, in 2006 and committed to assessment, refinement and dissemination of agricultural technology in the district. Navsari district is located in the south eastern part of Gujarat state in the coastal area. Navsari is known for its floriculture activities andsugar business. Famous historical place Dandi and Vansda National Park are located in Navsari

Establishment of Krishi Vigyan Kendras would very well serve the purposes they involve training of local small and marginal farmers. The priority of KVK is given to tribal areas and areas dominated by small farmers and weaker sections. KVKs are helping the farmers to solve their problems. KVK has an immense role to play with regard to transfer of technology, which carries scientific agricultural and allied technology interventions developed at the research stations to the farmers’ field. This noble activity facilitates in bridging the identified technological gaps existing with the farmers. The ultimate goal is to enhance sustainable net income of the farmer. Krishi Vigyan Kendra, Navsari is actively involved in the process of technology dissemination to the farmer`s field through Front Line Demonstrations and various training programmes. KVK’s direct linkages with local level farmers’ institutions and well established and specialized resource institutions offer concrete and practical solutions to many of the problems of resource-poor farmers. Farmers group approaches, convergence and involvement in programme planning & implementation to be highly useful in getting expert opinion, suggestion, valuable inputs etc.


 Present day agriculture is still a very complex activity in which agricultural research,education and extension are complimentary to each other. To meet the food demand of increasing population, agricultural scientists have to ensure food and nutritional security on one hand and save environmental degradation on the other hand. The concern is often expressed about our sustained, cost effective and eco-friendly progress in agriculture. We have the responsibility not only to provide the nutritional security economically to the rising population of the country, but also ensuring agricultural development in the future.


Our research strategy in future must lay greater emphasis on sustainability and profitability, increase input use efficiency, diversification, adoption of organic farming, using bio-resources,post harvest management, promoting secondary agriculture and ensuring quality.


The KVK staffs are working with full zeal and enthusiasm for benefiting the downtrodden of rural communalities of Navsari.I sincerely thank Hon’ble Vice Chancellor, N.A.U . for his critical comments and right directions for putting the KVK activities forward. I am also thankful to Director of Research and Director of Extension Education, NAU, Navsari for rendering all the possible help and guidance required time to time to run the KVK smoothly.


At the end, I must thank Zonal Project Director, Zonal Project Directorate, I.C.A.R. Zone VI, Jodhpur for his inspiration to open this website and keeping the status of KVKs high by his untiring efforts forbringing the KVKs into scientific extension system.

Dr. C. K. Timbadia